San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders

Entertaining the Niner Faithful since 1983
The San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush is a group of talented young women who work hard to bring another level of entertainment to 49er games and events. The talented dancers participate in an extensive tryout and training process in order to bring the best high-energy dance routines to Candlestick Park. Women come from around the world to get the opportunity to join the Gold Rush. Aside from bringing years of dance experience, the women of the Gold Rush bring a wealth of life experience. The team's students, businesswomen, doctors, teachers and other successful women work together to form one of the most professional cheerleading teams in the NFL.

Aside from their work on the field, the Gold Rush are very involved with community work. They are often volunteering with organizations such as the Special Olympics and the American Cancer Society. The team also makes special appearances throughout the year, including some television work.

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