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Why advertise with us?
During the season, this site receives an average of over 1,300,000 visitors per month, over 6,500,000 pageviews (as of 2012), and is growing every year as the word gets out. If your business would benefit from this kind of exposure, advertising on our site may work for you. Just remember your target audience ... sports fans. Thousands of fans flock to this site daily to read current news, get team information, communicate in the forum, and much more.

How is this done?
The advertising banner at the top of the page and the advertising buttons on the right side menu are our advertising spots. If you cannot create a banner ad, let us know and we may be able to help you. Once these banners are clicked, they will go to the URL of your choice.

How many times will my ad be seen?
In June of 2012, we averaged over 45,000 visits, and over 210,000 pageviews a day.

How much does it cost?
Rates vary depending on the type(s) of ad you want to purchase and the length of the contract you want. The types of ads are shown below.

Exclusive Large banner
728 x 90

If you want your ad(s) to appear exclusively within the 728 x 90 area, this is the way to go. Your ads will not rotate with any other advertisers'. Get up to three times the banner impressions for less than twice the price of the next plan. This ad appears at the very top of the site on multiple pages. Note: If someone buys this ad type, the below 728 x 90 ad option becomes unavailable.
Not currently available

Large banner
728 x 90

While these ads are bigger, they are within a banner rotation. These ads appear at the very top of the site on multiple pages. Note: If someone buys this ad type, the above 728 x 90 ad option becomes unavailable.
Not currently available

Medium banner
300 x 50 (w/o border)

Static ads that appear only on the site's front page. These ads appear above the division standings on the site's front page only.

120 x 25

Forum sponsorships appear on the forum front page and within the forum and threads (belonging to that forum) near the post buttons.

Static text ad on the front page
These ads appear on the site's front page just above the poll. If you want these ads to appear on the site's side menu on multiple pages, please let us know. Also note that all links will have 'nofollow' assigned to the rel attribute.
No longer sold

Advertisement within one episode of the
official 49ers Webzone podcast

Banner TypeAvailable
Exclusive Large banner - 728 x 90 0
Large banner - 728 x 90 0
Medium banner - 300 x 50 1
Small Forum Sponsorship Contact Us
Text Advertisement Contact Us

Are there ads you will NOT accept?
Yes! Because this site is viewed by every age group, we can not accept ads that would be seen as offensive. This includes nudity and graphic violence. We have the right to decline any advertisers we choose and the right to terminate a contract should your ads, at any time, fall into this category. While we allow ads created using Flash, we do not allow Flash ads that use up a heavy amount of bandwidth or that have sound that automatically plays. We also do not allow pop-up ads, ads that will block portions of the site from view or ads that cause harm or unwanted information stored on a user's computer.

How is payment handled?
Payment can be arranged using a check or PayPal. Payment must be made before an advertisement is placed on the site. You will receive a Purchase Order in PDF format once a deal is agreed upon. Full payments will not be refunded once the advertisement is active. If you have any questions regarding payment, please contact us.

I need more information
If you have special advertising needs or need an ad created for you, please email

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